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    "Because that’s where she lives."

    I lost it.


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  2. May the force be ever in your favor, Harry.

    — Gandalf (The Chronicles of Narnia)

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  3. Well, I guess that makes me lucky, ‘cause, uh… I don’t have anyone.

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  4. I can’t wait to meet everyone.
    What if I meet the one?

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  5. Because building a dream from your memory is the easiest way to lose your grasp on what’s real and what is a dream.

    Is that what happened to you?

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  6. Glee Meme | Seven Colours (6/7)

  7. Emma Watson for Elle US (By Carter Smith) (x)

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  8. Now, if you two don’t mind, I’m going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed, or worse, expelled.

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  11. Scott, help me, please.

    You’re okay, Liam. You’re okay.

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    make me choose -asked by anon: scallison season 2 or season 1

    there’s no such thing as  f a t e    

                            there’s no such thing as  w e r e w o l v e s 

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  14. #the poignant moment when you realize chloe held rae on a pedestal just as much as rae did with her (via girlwithapumpkintattoo)

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